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Terms and service

What is 4Fimo?

4Fimo® allows members to use web enabled devices & phones to directly send and receive images, videos, documents and other media to and from their personal computer plus share files with members without using the cloud. 4Fimo® allows automatic conversion of major audio and video files to a standard formats (mp3/mp4), text messaging and document narration in any supported language on a device.

Files Maximum Size?

4Fimo® allows members to send and share up to 50 files with a maximum size of 20.0 GiB per file. Fetch via (Explorer, Search, My List) allows access to files with a maximum size of 2.0 GiB.

Is 4Fimo Secure?

4Fimo® created its security model with a starting point of protecting members after unauthorized entity obtained user's authentication information.
In case of unauthorized access to a member's account, this access can only allow sending files.
Fetching data requires a secondary passcode, members set this passcode on their 4Fimo desktop application. The desktop application has extra identifications and can't be assumed by another user even if someone has a user's username and password.
4Fimo® uses secure network connections (SSL) to serve all of its content. All Communications are encrypted using industry standards. 4Fimo® uses member's computer identification to protect against any unauthorized actions or access attempts using complex identifications stored on desktop and 4Fimo® system.
In addition to username and password authentication, 4Fimo® does not allow files communication with users desktop if desktop identification fails.
4Fimo® servers and data storage are all encrypted by default and hosted on Amazon Cloud. In addition, the software is created, developed, managed and maintained in the United States and this will always be the case.

Are my files saved anywhere?

This is not a storage or cloud drive system, the opposite. 4Fimo® only moves files in real-time. Files only exist during transmission and in a temporary secure location for 60 minutes, before it is deleted, to allow members the time to download when they pull files from remote computers, users may also delete these files before the specific duration is reached.
For security reasons, signing out for any reason, will result in automatic clearing of fetched files.
Sent files exist only during transmission and are not stored in any location or pipe after a complete transmission. On system errors, files in transmission are deleted instantly from 4Fimo®.

Search feature is not working?

When you first start your desktop application, please allow few minutes for the search feature to be setup. Also, check under Settings and make sure you add directories into the Externally Accessible Folders list.
By default, the list is empty and only Received items are accessible to remote devices.

Sending Files?

4Fimo® allows members to use web enabled devices & phones to directly send images, videos, documents and other media to their personal computer over the Internet from anywhere. Select existing images, videos or other documents on your remote devices or use your camera to capture videos and pictures and send directly to remote computer.


Secure instant text messenger, messages are encrypted and deleted 60 minutes after being read.

Narrator Not Working?

Narrator may not work on android devices; we are working on a fix for this issue.